Filter DF-020 for dehumidifier R-9012 Ionic + Air Purifier

Specific features

  • Carbon filter for dehumidifier Rohnson R-9012 Ionic + Air Purifier
  • It absorbs dust and helps neutralize odours and smoke in the room
  • It prevents dirt from entering the device, thus prolonging its life
  • The filter cannot be washed with water, any dirt can be vacuumed
  • This filter is expected to be replaced once a year, depending on the degree of air pollution and the frequency of use of the dehumidifier
  • The filter is inserted in the grille covering the air inlet on the front grey part of the dehumidifier


Accessories suitable for:

Number of pieces 1
Type carbon filter
Size and weight
Length 0,1 cm
Width 16 cm
Height 18 cm
Weight 3 g

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