Filter DF-059 for dehumidifier R-9530

Specific features

  • Plastic dust pre-filter
  • Prevents dirt (pet hair, hair) from entering the device, thus prolonging its life
  • The filter can be washed with water (even with the addition of detergent), cleaned with a damp cloth, or dirt can be vacuumed
  • Replacement of this filter depends on the level of air pollution and frequency of use of the dehumidifier, with regular maintenance it can last up to 10 years
  • The filter is inserted behind the removable front cover
  • This filter is sold as a spare part, please contact to purchase, the price for 1 piece is 299 CZK.

Accessories suitable for:

Number of pieces 1
Type plastic dust pre-filter
Dimensions and weight
Depth 0.2 cm
Width 37,5 cm
Height 20,8 cm
Weight 32 g

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