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Grooming Kit 9 in 1 R-1027

Specific features

  • FULL SIZE TRIMMER: Define hair around neckline precisely and evenly.
  • MICRO SHAVER: Shave and finish lines and edges to ensure clean smooth results.
  • NOSE TRIMMER: Trim nose hair safely for maximum comfort.
  • PRECISION TRIMMER: Define both straight or curved lines and edges.
  • BODY HAIR TRIMMER COMB: Define armpit easily and perfectly with 3 locking settings.
  • 8-hours charging for 45 minutes of cordless operation
  • 100% waterproof


  • Comb
  • Cleaning brush
  • Lubricating oil
  • Charging adaptor

Hair positions

  • Hair cut: 10 levels (12 /13.5/ 15/ 16.5/ 18/ 19.5/ 21/ 22/ 23/ 24 mm)
  • Body trimmer: 3 levels (2.8/ 5.8/ 9.8 mm)
  • Precision trimmer: 5 levels (2.5/ 3/ 3.5/ 4.0/ 4.5 mm)
Use common
Multifunctional yes
Trimmer type on beard, hair, nose hair, bikini hair
Control button
Material of blades stainless steel
Self-sharpening blades no
Additional batteries Ni-MH AAA 2x600mAh battery
Power type mains - 230 V
Fast charge no
LED charging indicator yes
Non-stop network traffic no
Operating time 45 min
Charging time 8 h
Washable attachments yes
Waterproof, for wet use yes
Watertight no
Digital display no
Number of trimmers 5
Number of hair positions Hair cut 10 levels, body trimmer 3 levels, precision trimmer 5 levels
Min. hair length 1 mm min
Max. hair length 24 mm max
Case no
Comb yes
Cleaning brush yes
Lubricating oil yes
Charging adaptor yes
Stand base yes
Colour black, blue
Full size trimmer yes
Precision trimmer yes
Micro shaver yes
Nose and ear hair trimmer yes
Body trimmer yes
Size and weight
Length 7 cm
Width 14 cm
Height 20 cm
Weight 0,524 kg
Length of power cord 150 cm

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